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Man-At-Arms VS Beast-Man

Build by danielr77    Aug 05, 2019

Man-At-Arms VS Beast-Man
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Man-At-Arms VS Beast-Man
Man-At-Arms VS Beast-Man
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SpartanGregor113 Aug 07, 2019

That's fascinating. I now am curious if my camera has a way of changing the exposure as well. Probably does. Might have to look when I get off of work today.


danielr77 Aug 05, 2019

Hi all First of all, thanks for all the nice comments. It's a bit hard to explain my workflow within 1000 characters, but I'll try to give a brief overview. I also added another image to this gallery that hopefully explains what I do. At the moment, I don't have the equipment to shoot the way I actually would like to shoot. So I'm doing a workaround for the time being until I can afford new tools. I set my cameras exposure to a value where it's basically pitch black. No matter what light is actually in the room. That's my starting point. When it's pitch black, I know that I'm in control of the lighting. Then I use my Flash light with an LED mounted on it and I take several pictures of my set. I usually have an idea where I wanna go with an image. Backlight, low light, bright, etc. So I move my light around and look into the viewfinder of my camera until I like what I see. Then I take several pictures. Then in post I use elements of each pictures that I like and combine them.


SpartanGregor113 Aug 05, 2019

@Spartanz19 I would also love to know the answer to that question.


Spartanz19 Aug 05, 2019

Just a question, what did you use for that beautiful lighting?


mitchellmarkw Aug 05, 2019

I love these little diorama battles you post. I think that's why I like MegaConstrux figures so much; they're the perfect size to be able to get some posing/detail out of, yet still have what seems to be an expansive scene in almost no space whatsoever.