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Image of: MegaConstruxNews

MCX Halo Aerial Ambush unveiled!

Build by MegaConstruxNews    Mar 16, 2019

MCX Halo Aerial Ambush unveiled!

HALx-10 Jun 12, 2019

@Kevin_MCX i didn't think i would like the set because of how many studs their were covering the outside of the vtol but after i assembled it looked even better then it was displayed on the box awesome job dude!


Kevin_MCX Mar 18, 2019

We could not wait to start working on the 10th anniversary line so we could make this set. I'll post some more pictures this week.


Spartan-092 Mar 17, 2019

This set looks great!


Williamclapscheeks Mar 17, 2019

nice box lol XD haha hehe


Gajago84 Mar 17, 2019

This is going to be great. I want one.