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Image of: Silenttakedown

Mega Construx Halo Toyfair

Build by Silenttakedown    Feb 22, 2020

Mega Construx Halo Toyfair

Halofanboi Feb 22, 2020

@WhoThCares yeah I was thinking that. I don't think mega want to spoil this one. Kind of like what wicked toys is doing.


halo-fan1 Feb 22, 2020

@halofanboi place holders, the actual figures are not out yet,, and 343 isn't done with the game at all.. most likely the figures will be done when it comes close to release. gaming companies tend to not give that much info about things otherwise people will start speculating and creating false rumors.. ect ect


WhoThCares Feb 22, 2020

@Halofanboi I believe those are place soldiers for things to come. Just like how they made a sneak pack of the unsc vehicles in the silhouettes


Halofanboi Feb 22, 2020

Odd, the grunts are the non interchangeable armor ones. All the sangheili are storm, the grunts and elites are black. The grunts are storm. The only weapons the covenant have is one needle rifle and a plasma pistol and a plasma rifle. There are a few elites who appear to have the banished elite mold or a new one. The cqc, operator, Lang and chief form series 11 are there. There the lime and silver and yellow Spartans from the "clash on the ring" series are there. There is one halo 3 marine, 2 marines with halo 3 armor except for the head and the driver of the warthog looks like the halo 4 marine. He's grey or it's the halo infinite marine. No sign of brohammer. And chief is there but looks like the series 1 chief. I feel like the "perfect" infinite chief is all halo legends armor except the front chest piece (halo 3 style) and the helmet (halo 3 style) chief is jumping in the air with a shotgun or halo reach assault rifle. Thats all I was able to see from the image. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


nigelninja11 Feb 22, 2020