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Mega Construx Halo Warthog Run revealed!

Build by MegaConstruxNews    Feb 20, 2019

Mega Construx Halo Warthog Run revealed!

htmCc117 Mar 16, 2019

cool set but i would have prefered assault on the control room with guilty spark chief arbiter and johnson


HALx-10 Mar 07, 2019

lookin good cannot wait for more goodness


deadsingh Mar 05, 2019

So any word on an official release date?

Feb 24, 2019

I hope I can actually find one to buy. Any chance this set will show up on Amazon with a high number of "in-stock?" I never found the Halo Heroes Arbiter or Chief, and I really want to get those two figures and the Hunters. Anybody got a definite MSRP?


Kevin_MCX Feb 21, 2019

Hey! That is a really fun set!