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Image of: Kevin_MCX

Mega Construx Heroes 2020

Build by Kevin_MCX    Feb 03, 2020

Mega Construx Heroes 2020

Madeulook Feb 15, 2020

Sooo.... why was your logo in an rainbow 6 stream


TheSSMotionTom Feb 14, 2020

@Kevin_MCX ah that makes sense - sounds like we have seen all from the COD line this year so far as I know a new trooper pack already debuted (Jungle Troops vs Mercs) and I've seen a new Weapons Crate. A shame the line has faded by appreciate the franchising agreement has been a funny one. Thanks for taking the time out to reply, Kevin. You're a real asset to Mega and really keep us all engaged. :)


Kevin_MCX Feb 13, 2020

@Acehalonerd1128, these should be at Wal-Mart as well as a few other retailers. @Wlifter @TheSSMotionTom, there will be one series of COD Specialists in 2020 as well as a few other sets (a troop pack and a weapon crate I believe). @CarilletaReach2, Claptrap is starting to appear at online retailers and will arrive at retail stores shortly thereafter (the exact date depends on each retailer though). @Ashtalon, we are still working on plans for 2021, so I cannot confirm yet how many waves of MOTU there will be. @Armageist, COD Heroes has been incorporated into MCX Heroes. Having ‘’one line to rule them all’’ gives retailers more flexibility, makes it easier for them to place orders and will help improve distribution of the line. It also gives us the opportunity to release waves faster. @Legendary_Toys, BG stands for Battleground and BA for Battle Armor. The Showdown pack has been produced and is planned for release March/April (the exact date will depend on retailers)


THEranger01 Feb 08, 2020

yesssssssss logan and price!!!!!!


Mikelongak47 Feb 08, 2020

I would love to see some game of thrones or maybe some thunder cats figures. Also want to bring a come back for world of warcraft. Sell racial figures then all you'll have to do is make armor packs with all different armor etc equipable on all figures