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Image of: Voodooking

MH-47G ops

Build by Voodooking    Feb 05, 2016

MH-47G ops
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MH-47G ops
MH-47G ops
MH-47G ops
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Themegablockcollecter Jul 19, 2016

How here thinks this should be a set

Jun 26, 2016

Dude that is awesome if that is a set I am going to get it. Noice


Voodooking Feb 06, 2016

No instructions for the chinnok.. Just pics and time and imagination..lol


Master-Chief-John-117 Feb 05, 2016

That's Nice And Awesome Bro! Nice Job!!!!


thekiller2468 Feb 05, 2016

Sweet build, Did you used Le go build?