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Image of: thekiller2468

Micro Fleet ONI Wasp

Build by thekiller2468    Sep 22, 2018

Micro Fleet ONI Wasp
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Micro Fleet ONI Wasp
Micro Fleet ONI Wasp
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MCX_Team Sep 25, 2018

Since it's the fist build challenge, we're going to let it go a bit longer to make sure everyone has a chance to participate. Enter as many times as you want, we want to see what everyone can come up with!


Kevin_MCX Sep 25, 2018

Hey, I recognize this. I remember design it a while back ;) I really like your version in ONI colors. It seems like the kind of vehicle that ONI would have in their arsenal.


thekiller2468 Sep 24, 2018

Thanks @MCX_Team, but nah. The build wasn't creative enough. I literally reskined your official micro fleet wasp from your Toys R Us giveaway last year. I'm currently working on few micro builds that could definitely be in one! When does this challenge end? How many enteries can we submit?


MCX_Team Sep 24, 2018

Cool! You should definitely submit this to our building challenge!


Spartanz19 Sep 23, 2018

That is a beautiful custom!