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Microspace Guide 14

Build by omegabob    Sep 01, 2018

Microspace Guide 14

omegabob Sep 02, 2018

@AiasOileus I'll admit I went a little crazy on the Borg figure. I didn't get any of them on sale or clearance and those are a little over half of how many I have. I did at least space out the purchases and after the first dozen would leave them on the peg for a while so other collectors had a chance before buying them. After a while though I couldn't leave those poor drones on the pegs cut off from a collective ... lol. I am proud of myself for not picking up the 3 Drones I saw on the pegs when I got the 2 extra Datas to make a couple of Yellow Shirts (but I may go back and get them if they are still there next time I'm on that side of town).


AiasOileus Sep 01, 2018

Wow, that's quite the collection of a Collective! Hope you were able to find a few of those drones on sale. 16 Borg is pretty good considering they are all individual packs, if anything was to get a troop pack in a Star Trek line, it's the Borg. 4 or 5 figures a pack, with more variant parts, that's what I'd like to see. My Borg Collective stands at just 6. Nicely done, too bad they don't have a cube...