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Image of: omegabob

Microspace Guide 16

Build by omegabob    Sep 01, 2018

Microspace Guide 16

omegabob Sep 02, 2018

@AgentHellion I agree my version of Karza doesn't look traditional to the original toy line or the comics. But with the versions I'm doing, while I may do some heavy homage to what has been done before, I'm not trying to re-create what has already been done (not that there is anything wrong with that ... it's just not my goal) but trying to create my own versions. My version of Force Commander looks very different as well. And most people wouldn't realize The Trons are based on the Acroyear 1 and 2 but with more individuality (and not enemies of the Micronauts because they weren't when I was younger and playing with the old toys).


AgentHellion Sep 02, 2018

@omegabob yeah I saw him he looks like silver General Zod not how I imagine Karza would look like, then again I don't recall ever seeing him without his helmet except for the IDW Run.


omegabob Sep 01, 2018

@AgentHellion Thank you. My version of Karza (he doesn't use Baron yet or wear the helmet ... lol) is in the Microspace Guide 1 picture. he is the black and red one on the top row second from the right.


AgentHellion Sep 01, 2018

Really loving your Microverse! Any chances of Baron Karza appearing?


Survivor11 Sep 01, 2018

Ooh, the parasite.