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Image of: omegabob

Microspace Guide 4

Build by omegabob    Sep 01, 2018

Microspace Guide 4

omegabob Sep 02, 2018

@AiasOileus I would do that but I don't have an extra of that head and the one I got when it came out had the paint apps off from the factory. It was easy enough to correct when I painted the skin silver and the beard and hair brown to make one of my Micronauts characters. I didn't pick up anymore due to concerns about the factory paint apps and I haven't found a paint that is close to the molded plastic caucasian color that Mega uses so making corrections to the head that match the hands would be an issue that bugged me. Plus I think Mega will do an official Riker soon enough (probably using that same head mold).


AiasOileus Sep 01, 2018

Looks good. You should pop-n-swap William Riker, like others have done, using the guy from CoD Horseback Assault. I'm hoping to find Data one of these days.