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More Pokemon Action

Build by danielr77    Aug 28, 2019

More Pokemon Action

NATE-DOG Aug 31, 2019

Wow that's insane!!!!!


danielr77 Aug 31, 2019

@NATE-DOG No, this is all in camera.I only colorized the smoke a bit to give it a separation line. Went outside and put him on a stand which was stuck into the ground. I spread some crumbles around and then used compressed air to blow them up. When you tilt the can it has the effect to emit white smoke. Very high shutter speed was required to freeze the action.


NATE-DOG Aug 30, 2019

Is this animated? Looks so cool!


JoeFilms Aug 29, 2019

I love your Pokemon photos! Keep them coming, please!


kingcastlesieger Aug 28, 2019

I too should post more of my Pokemon. cool pic.