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More Sesa Refumee

Build by Kevin_MCX    Dec 18, 2018

More Sesa Refumee
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More Sesa Refumee
More Sesa Refumee
More Sesa Refumee
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HaloFanForLife Dec 28, 2018

I can't wait for this figure, along with Halo Heroes series 9. Sesa has been on my wants list for a LONG time!


halo7ification Dec 22, 2018

Best elite (or maybe halo figure) you guys made yet!!!! It is soo cool.

Dec 19, 2018

If this is just a prototype and not the final product, it would be great to get some more color on the helmet. Like coloring in the lenses of his goggles brass with the frame of the goggles grey, and making his respirator black, but everything else looks fabulous!


joelion32 Dec 19, 2018

You gotta love the detail on this guy ! I understand these aren’t the final product figures in these pics but I already like the head piece with the breathing gear ! It’s very unique to the Elites ! Also dig the green paint inside of the ducts of his jet pack . These character figures are amazing, I love getting these when you can find them haha . I can’t wait to see how Tartarus turns out ! I’m so impressed with Sesa .


Crisco Dec 19, 2018

Looks great