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Image of: Yan_MCX

Moss Man

Build by Yan_MCX    Jun 21, 2019

Moss Man

C_Collectible Jul 03, 2019

I really hope we can get this even without the SDCC exclusive pack. We all want more.


Legendary_Toys Jun 22, 2019

Ohh great job in capturing assent of the original line !!! Will be available besides the sdcc exclusive?


Ashtalon Jun 22, 2019

He looks so awesome. Will a non-flocked Moss Man perhaps be part of the line at some point? Or is the only way to get him is via the SDCC Battle Bones set?


RedThree Jun 22, 2019

Floofy Moss Man


mitchellmarkw Jun 21, 2019

Ooh, fuzzy! I want him!