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Image of: Crisco

MOTU Keldor

Build by Crisco    Mar 07, 2019

MOTU Keldor
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MOTU Keldor
MOTU Keldor
MOTU Keldor
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AiasOileus Mar 10, 2019

Cool, thanks for posting, I had to look up the story on him.


Battle7 Mar 09, 2019

I so had to use your idea, hope you don't mind. I added a cape to mine.


Battle7 Mar 08, 2019

According to the most recent cartoon adaptaition, he was Randor's brother and jealuos of the fact he had the throne. Really nice job.


Murple Mar 08, 2019

That’s a fine goatee there.


JoeFilms Mar 08, 2019

Huh, that's neat.