Image of: Kevin_MCX

MOTU Scareglow Test Shots Sneak Peek

Build by Kevin_MCX    Aug 21, 2018

MOTU Scareglow Test Shots Sneak Peek

Crisco Dec 14, 2018

Hi Kevin, Are you able to comment on if the MCX heroes series has been cancelled?


Trapptics Aug 23, 2018

Thanks for sharing this with us!


Crisco Aug 23, 2018

This looks amazing, having him glow is fantastic!


Kevin_MCX Aug 22, 2018

@JoeFilms, he will indeed glow in the dark once he has been molded in the proper colors. @AlaskanBullWorm, more MOTU is planned in the future. Man-at-Arms and Evil-Lyn are coming in series 4. Scareglow, previewed above but in his proper colors, and one other yet-to-be-revealed figure are coming in series 5. Stay tuned for more later this week :)


AlaskanBullWorm Aug 21, 2018

nice custom, I know Mattel have house IP rights for MOTU. Dose that mean more figures for MOTU in the future? I personally really like that Mega Construxs did the colonial marine and Alien figures would hope to see more of them in the future as well predator, i can dream right. MC figure make going to the toy section in a store fun.