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Image of: Carnivius

Multiversal allies?

Build by Carnivius    Oct 26, 2017

Multiversal allies?

Carnivius Oct 28, 2017

Thanks :) @AiasOileus That set isn't available in UK and quite costly to import but also the pic wouldn't make much sense with it anyways. :P It's basically Shredder 80s cartoon and modern movie meeting Megatron 80s cartoon and modern movie. :P


Boo101 Oct 27, 2017

Oh know THERE ALL GONA DIE! Just kidding, awesome setup!


mrjustin412 Oct 26, 2017

Nice photo! I like the reference!


AiasOileus Oct 26, 2017

Be really cool if you had the Eastman & Laird Shredder too. Also I can't tell who they are up against.