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My councilors

Build by Haloguy092    Jun 26, 2019

My councilors

Spartanz19 Jun 27, 2019

Could you tell us what is wrong with your councilors? I have my advice ready but I’m not sure if it is useful.


Survivor11 Jun 26, 2019

I don't think this is the place to post this. I really don't.


Haloguy092 Jun 26, 2019

Argh no video


SpartanGregor113 Jun 26, 2019

Eleven seconds of two hou- wait, was this supposed to be an 11 second video displaying the shenanigans going on with your counselors that has been going on for 2 hours?


JoeFilms Jun 26, 2019

I'm confused. How can we help? I'd be happy to.