Image of: WhoThCares

My hand hurts

Build by WhoThCares    May 14, 2020

My hand hurts

Zarry May 14, 2020

Nice. Are those 28mm?


TechnoHunter9 May 14, 2020

That one next to the horse looks like it's giving a piggy-back ride to the one behind it.


HaloODST59 May 14, 2020

Lang looks awesome!


RedThree May 14, 2020

My hands were not built for such tiny things! I'm impressed!


ShadoWarden23 May 14, 2020

Wot, those are tiny! At first I thought they were MCX and the actual MCX was a different brand bigger ODST, then I clicked the post... Wow, just. Wow.