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My new sig fig!!!! :)

Build by THEranger01    Feb 12, 2020

My new sig fig!!!! :)
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My new sig fig!!!! :)
My new sig fig!!!! :)
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THEranger01 Feb 13, 2020

thank y'all dang auto correct


Zarry Feb 13, 2020

You can edit the description by pressing the pencil icon below the photo. Just change Wig to Sig and you'll be good to go.


kirrily_agus Feb 12, 2020

dog fig, wig fig... autocorrect is not on your side today! lol


SrgtGreen Feb 12, 2020

What’s a dog/wig fig? Auto correct get ya again?


nigelninja11 Feb 12, 2020

Glad to see it. Autocorrect is a menace.