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Image of: The-stop-sign-13

Nemesis part 1

Build by The-stop-sign-13    Jul 20, 2019

Nemesis part 1
Nemesis part 1
Nemesis part 1
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The-stop-sign-13 Aug 16, 2019

THanks so much guys!


nigelninja11 Aug 15, 2019

I can’t believe I had never seen this! It’s fantastic! I don’t even need sound fx I can hear every sound in my head! Great work!


81Ceta_Deta Jul 21, 2019

That is a amazing stop motion!


JoeFilms Jul 20, 2019

Dang, dude! You got pretty good at stop motion while you were gone.


TheMegaContruxtors Jul 20, 2019

Niiice... Kinda fast though. And is the supposed to be no sound?