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Image of: HaloODST56

New Figure!

Build by HaloODST56    Feb 26, 2020

New Figure!
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New Figure!
New Figure!
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Acehalonerd1128 Feb 27, 2020

It's a really great fig


ratss454 Feb 27, 2020

Nice find, I myself quite like the color on this ODST.


HaloODST56 Feb 26, 2020

Yes I did and thank you @WhoThCares and thanks. And thank you @Armyjayden516 and @81Ceta-Deta. & @SrgtGreen it is Graves from Fireteam Raven. And his not a custom.


81Ceta_Deta Feb 26, 2020

Nice! He is a fine fig!


SrgtGreen Feb 26, 2020

I’m perplexed. Who is that? What did it come with? Is it a custom?