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New Microspace Species

Build by omegabob    Aug 27, 2018

New Microspace Species
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New Microspace Species
New Microspace Species
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omegabob Aug 28, 2018

Yes, the head is from the Ben 10 Alien Creation Figures line. I doubt this is what they had in mind about alien creation but I don't answer to them. I also can't wait forever for MC to get more creative with what they output. Don't get me wrong, I love what MC is putting out but sometimes more is needed... I assume that is what they mean by Building Beyond.


JoeFilms Aug 27, 2018

What did that head come with?


Dieselgirl8 Aug 27, 2018



TheRealBoo101 Aug 27, 2018

@The-stop-sign-13 he didn't make it he used an Ben 10 action figure head, unless he says he didn't, but that is my guess.


The-stop-sign-13 Aug 27, 2018

How did you make that head?