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New sets finally

Build by ebomb113    Sep 01, 2019

New sets finally

SaltyBacon Oct 25, 2019

You should see a Chicago target its just a desert for Halo products they restock every 5 months the only thing there is a bunch of mega blocks pokemon sets witch goes into a clearance sale in a week its like they have no idea that if your products get sold out in 3 weeks then you need to reorder them like there is no tomorrow


ebomb113 Sep 02, 2019

The only really new things were the COD copter, parts bins and the fusion beast but this has been the best stock of anywhere in brick and mortar retail in the past year for me at least. Most if it is still older things but is still nice to see a section(even if it is small) dedicated to MCX. I fear though in time they will follow the way of the wally world and completely stop selling them T_T


Enthusiasm Sep 01, 2019

Woah. Yikes, this is quite the predicament: you have a lot of stock here but almost all of it is outdate, how ironic. I had just checked my Walmart a week ago - went around the toy area three times - and only found a section with the Pokeball Mega Construx sets. To see that my Walmart is not the only one to be doing this is just a new low in Mgea Construx history. So far, we at least know that the Halo Heroes Master Chief vs Arbiter two pack will be a Walmart exclusive, which means we at least got that to look foward to. I am really hoping that the company will be able to recover from what's currently going in.


Emersonian_06 Sep 01, 2019

I livd in Louisiana and theres literaly 0 halo stuff! I salvage what I can but please, if you see kevin tell him of my suffering!


JoeFilms Sep 01, 2019

Holy - That's the Spartan Customizer Pack! That's from so long ago!