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New sets

Build by Callof83    Jun 02, 2017

New sets
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New sets
New sets
New sets
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Callof83 Jun 03, 2017

@TheArbiter25 and CarilletaReach2 if you want to check out more pics go to the worlds and hit destiny! there are also new Halo and COD sets!


charliebucket Jun 03, 2017

Kool stuff. I like 'em. I'm waiting for the customiser to update so I can get a new avatar.


TheArbiter25 Jun 02, 2017

OM-AWESOME!!!!!!!! I mean look at the titan guy in pic 3 (I forgot what the veteran guardians are called)


CarilletaReach2 Jun 02, 2017

I don't know a -Halo- about Destiny but looks good