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Build by TheBrotherhood    Nov 14, 2019

News Report

nigelninja11 Nov 15, 2019

Cool. Just trying to give pointers.


TheMegaContruxtors Nov 15, 2019

@nigelninja11 My comment didn't go through... Sean's not from Texas. And I didn't mean to put 'Howdy'. I meant 'How's'. Guess I forgot to go over the script one more time...


Survivor11 Nov 15, 2019

@nigelninja11 Yes, use your language... Feel the language flow through you...


NatoGreavesy Nov 14, 2019

There's never a dull moment in the Wasteland. Thank you kindly for keeping the people in the know.


nigelninja11 Nov 14, 2019

I love the report, but “Howdy, y’all doin” is the worst attempt at a Texan colloquialism. You would say “Howdy y’all,” “Howdy folks,” or “ “how’re y’all doin?” Sorry for channeling Survivor.