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Night Breacher

Build by jestermon    Aug 19, 2019

Night Breacher
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Night Breacher
Night Breacher
Night Breacher
Night Breacher
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jestermon Aug 30, 2019

The grenade launcher is from Call of Duty Battery I painted it black. I think there is a black one in the new 4 packs.


81Ceta_Deta Aug 19, 2019

Very slick!


JoeFilms Aug 19, 2019

He looks great! Nice details with the nods.


SpartanGregor113 Aug 19, 2019

@Slick_5 Just for future reference, you don't need to @ the original poster when commenting to them. You only have to do it to reply to others who don't own the post. Also, the @ should not be connected to the word before it. So rather than "Example@Slick_5", it would be "Example @Slick_5." | Fantastic figure, jester.


Slick_5 Aug 19, 2019

i met@jestermon