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Image of: Hexi-Lag

ODST Backpack

Build by Hexi-Lag    Sep 17, 2019

ODST Backpack

UntotenWermahct Oct 06, 2019

i want it so bad


81Ceta_Deta Sep 18, 2019

Oh, sick!


SpartanGregor113 Sep 18, 2019

Impressive! Is that custom? If not, where'd you get it? It looks amazing either way. (Also, Joe and Basic are correct. Don't just select filters to select them. Select filters that apply to the post. The tags are there so people can use them to find gallery posts relating to said filters, meaning if someone selects Breakout Beasts as a filter, they aren't looking for a Halo Marine wearing a backpack. They are looking for Breakout Beasts. I know that they already said this, but it seriously bothers me when people do this, because it defeats the purpose of the filters.)


JoeFilms Sep 18, 2019

Very cool backpack! Just do what Basic said, only select the applicable filters.


basicusername Sep 17, 2019

neato! the only thing is this isn't aircraft, comic, probuilder, cod, destiny,aliens, breakout beasts or game of thrones related the ones that do apply are halo, customs, and halo