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Image of: Coreffall117

ODST Mickey

Build by Coreffall117    Feb 28, 2020

ODST Mickey
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ODST Mickey
ODST Mickey
ODST Mickey
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TechnoHunter9 Mar 12, 2020

This deserves it's own set. Maybe it could be in a battle pack against some promethean soldiers, as we haven't gotten some of those in a while.


Armyjayden516 Feb 29, 2020

that's so cool good job bro


81Ceta_Deta Feb 29, 2020

Looks great!


Rogue-Elite Feb 29, 2020

That is very good. Of course you had to give him the noob crutch


HaloODST56 Feb 28, 2020

BTW can I buy this!? Lol!