Image of: THEranger01

ODST RANGERS including me! :D

Build by THEranger01    Mar 14, 2020

ODST RANGERS including me! :D

HeroDanTV Apr 28, 2020

Dude -- really nice photography!! Love this photo!


JoeFilms Mar 31, 2020

Hey man, sorry I missed this. I love your custom ODST, and I really love this setup.


THEranger01 Mar 30, 2020

@ rates 454 @HaloODST56 I just looked some stuff up and UNSC army rangers look like spec ops marines so these aren't really accurate but i am making unsc Army airborne officers!


THEranger01 Mar 15, 2020

@ratss454 thanks bro!


HaloODST56 Mar 15, 2020

Oh yeah @ratss454 you're totally right!