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Outdoor ODST's: The New Troops

Build by ccbrowning5    May 14, 2018

Outdoor ODST's: The New Troops

ccbrowning5 May 16, 2018

@navie9888ch - Thanks, I've been on the forums the whole time. The gallery was so cluttered and I was so busy that it just wasn't an option to grab my camera and take some pics. But I've finally gotten a chance.


navie9888ch May 16, 2018

Hi it's been a while since you last posted. Welcome back


JoeFilms May 15, 2018

Mega coolio! Nicely done!


GreenSpartan082 May 15, 2018

Really they just got fired


Boo101 May 14, 2018

Nice dude, super coolio!