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Over the Rise

Build by Cinimod64    Mar 30, 2019

Over the Rise
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Over the Rise
Over the Rise
Over the Rise
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Shayde_Black Mar 31, 2019

Can’t wait to see the new Warthog full of these Marines !!


GreenSpartan082 Mar 31, 2019

Great hog. I need to do something like that.


Cinimod64 Mar 31, 2019

@JoeFilms I just used the dual mode warthog.I changed the wheel mechanics to ake it more like the arctic warthog. I also got rid of everything that made the dual mode warthog dual mode. Made it look normal. And thanks @81Ceta_Deta and Joe!


JoeFilms Mar 31, 2019

What Warthogs did you use to make that? And these are some more great pictures!


81Ceta_Deta Mar 30, 2019

Awesome hog!