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Patience is Key...

Build by ccbrowning5    Oct 04, 2018

Patience is Key...
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Patience is Key...
Patience is Key...
Patience is Key...
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mrjustin412 Oct 05, 2018

Love it! A really realistic photo!


ccbrowning5 Oct 05, 2018

@GreenSpartan082 Got it mainly for just that reason :P @Spartanz19 @AiasOileus @JoeFilms Thanks for the positive criticism guys!


JoeFilms Oct 05, 2018

Awesome! That looks great!


AiasOileus Oct 05, 2018

Cool figure and nice job posing the figure. It looks great!


Spartanz19 Oct 04, 2018

Beautiful posing and use of the sand/dirt. Also love the dirt on the case.