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Image of: ShlubCustoms

Pelican Gunship Rebuild Project Part 4

Build by ShlubCustoms    Nov 09, 2019

Pelican Gunship Rebuild Project Part 4

ShlubCustoms Nov 10, 2019

@SpartanGregor113 Definitely building it for the sake of building it. I am going to tweak a couple parts of the build slightly after I finish it, though. Nothing major, just for ease of display.


SpartanGregor113 Nov 09, 2019

Looks great so far! Do you intend on painting this? Or are you just building it to build it?


Spartanz19 Nov 09, 2019

I have a plan concocting in my head, and I’m curious if it’ll work...


81Ceta_Deta Nov 09, 2019