Phasing AC Arbiter

Build by GeekMarky    Oct 04, 2016

Phasing AC Arbiter
  • Phasing AC Arbiter
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The_WARLORD888Nov 16, 2017

This is the most amazing custom figure I’ve ever seen.


Optimus1138Oct 01, 2017

That is the single coolest custom I have ever seen of an active camo figure. Bar none.


nathanstalcupAug 18, 2017

that is so cool


Coolpool785Aug 14, 2017

How id u do that? Could you make me one, but of a spartan?


DEADBEEFJun 01, 2017

what exact paint do you use? also I have found that after trying to paint a scout helmet (the palmer one from halo heroes series to be exact) with enamle paints, that it wont stay on, is very sticky, and just rubs off? any advice?