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Build by nigelninja11    May 13, 2019


JoeFilms May 13, 2019

Oh, phooey! That's what I was thinking. Instead of P.H.U. I just thought "phu," like a spitting noise.


81Ceta_Deta May 13, 2019

@NatoGreavesy @SrgtGreen i agree with both of you..


NatoGreavesy May 13, 2019

@SrgtGreen - I completely agree. There doesn't need to be a war. But here's where you're wrong. I do not need protection, or equality. Mutants are SUPERIOR to humans. We were made by the Wasteland. We were born of it, formed by it. We exist to rule it. The CDT and USRC are the same. You both fight to protect and preserve a long-dead world order. The time of mankind is over. The time of mutantkind has arrived.


SrgtGreen May 13, 2019

Hey @NatoGreavesy, we don't have to fight this war. Join the Civilian Defense Taskforce. We can get though this on the same side. You will not be treated as a monster, but as an ally and a friend. Also, I hear there is a USRC bounty on your head. We can offer you protection and security from enemies. Join the CDT, we want you on on our side. We know that, no matter what you may look like, you are still human. Come to the CDT and make a great ally. We will work toward your freedom and equality.