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Image of: MegaCrossX

Professor Trevor Bruttenholm

Build by MegaCrossX    Sep 07, 2019

Professor Trevor Bruttenholm
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Professor Trevor Bruttenholm
Professor Trevor Bruttenholm
Professor Trevor Bruttenholm
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MegaCrossX Sep 13, 2019

Thanks for the staff pick. I am guessing someone on staff is a Hellboy fan. @81Ceta_Deta-I just finished the main series and B.P.R.D a couple of weeks of ago and now I am reading the smaller graphic novels and other little fill in books. I recommend using Mignolaverse Reading Order. They give a good way to read the series, chronologically in terms of story as opposed to by release date. It was a great way to read the series since it builds upon each entry. @JoeFilms-This was not easy to find. I saw it on Amazon for a decent price and pre-ordered it almost two months in advance. I got an email saying that the pre-order had been cancelled and then two days after that it was here. Everything else from Series 5 is too expensive or non existent.


JoeFilms Sep 09, 2019

I need this suit...


81Ceta_Deta Sep 08, 2019

I want to read these.!!