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Quarantine- Setting Up

Build by 81Ceta_Deta    Dec 09, 2018

Quarantine- Setting Up

81Ceta_Deta Dec 16, 2018

Thanks alot @mrjustin412, i’m flattered


mrjustin412 Dec 16, 2018

@81Ceta_Deta Good to know! You make great content, stuff I really enjoy looking at!


81Ceta_Deta Dec 10, 2018

Thanks slot @JoeFilms and @mrjustin412, your guy’s positivity always makes me happy


mrjustin412 Dec 10, 2018

Love the scene building! I just love all of your work! Seriously, keep up this great work, I love your scene building and use of non-Mega bloks props!


JoeFilms Dec 10, 2018

Neato use of the tent and sandbags.