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Image of: HaloODST56

R&S spartan contest!

Build by HaloODST56    Feb 15, 2020

R&S spartan contest!
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R&S spartan contest!
R&S spartan contest!
R&S spartan contest!
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MegaMan32 Feb 15, 2020

Dose it have to be custom painted?


HaloODST56 Feb 15, 2020

Any type of Recon armor will work @81Ceta-Deta & @Bmatt123


Bmatt123 Feb 15, 2020

Can you do both armors and do they have to be halo 4 style?? will reach armor style work??


81Ceta_Deta Feb 15, 2020

Does it matter the variant of Recon? Like the 4/5 version specific? Or like the H3 New Dawn type?