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Image of: Master-Chief-John-117

Red Vs Blue 2

Build by Master-Chief-John-117    Feb 05, 2016

Red Vs Blue 2
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Red Vs Blue 2
Red Vs Blue 2
Red Vs Blue 2
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ShadowSpartan_237 Jul 31, 2016

@bbeus Thanks, But That Account Cant Post No More So I Made This Account! :)


bbeus Jun 26, 2016

You make some awesome pics


Spartanz19 Mar 31, 2016

Very cool use of those heroes sets.


Master-Chief-John-117 Mar 04, 2016

Thanks Red_Spartan003 And I Just Wanna Say The Blue One Might Not Come Back Alive!


Master-Chief-John-117 Feb 07, 2016

Thanks Bro!