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Image of: halo_bricks

Remnant Hunters!!!

Build by halo_bricks    Nov 16, 2019

Remnant Hunters!!!
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Remnant Hunters!!!
Remnant Hunters!!!
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HydroIceWolf536 Nov 29, 2019

for some reason, if you take a mega bloks picture scene outside, it looks kinda better than inside


halo_bricks Nov 17, 2019

@Survivor11 @Emersonian_06 Ahahahahah so sorry guys didnt realize my auto correct changed the word "take" to "thank" love ur comments thou😂😂


Emersonian_06 Nov 16, 2019

Your welcome!


Acehalonerd1128 Nov 16, 2019

Nice pic as always


Febuary Nov 16, 2019

Where did you get figures from!!!?