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Romeo : Flood ready

Build by Halo_dinosaur117    Apr 04, 2018

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Romeo : Flood ready
Romeo : Flood ready
Romeo : Flood ready
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Boo101 Apr 06, 2018

Nice stop motion dude!


jabbathehut Apr 05, 2018

I use clay to hold it up. It doesn't shake that way


SpartanGregor113 Apr 05, 2018

@Spartanz19 @jabbathehut Or, or or, you could build a small stand like I do. You really just need a brick at both sides and the screen side, and the a taller piece at the front. That's how I do it, and works pretty well most of the time/


mrjustin412 Apr 04, 2018

Great animation!


jabbathehut Apr 04, 2018

I don't use a tripod. I downloaded a stop motion app that has a timer. So I'll set it on 10 seconds and It'll keep taking pictures without me touching it. But a tripod works good too.