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Image of: Kevin_MCX

SDCC Preview: Game of Thrones Display

Build by Kevin_MCX    Jul 17, 2019

SDCC Preview: Game of Thrones Display

vsg001 Aug 08, 2019

I love how on the bottom of the display it says "actually, it's mega construx". Lets me know awareness is growing ever larger for the brand. I enthusiastically want Mega to succeed and overtake the competitor preserving the status quo in the block building market. Hopefully Mattel can increase support so that can be achieved.


FireLord6205 Jul 21, 2019

when should viserion get released?


JoeFilms Jul 18, 2019

Dang, that's awesome!


eamey2 Jul 18, 2019

Tree battlepack when? Not even joking, I like those trees


Admiral-Sabree Jul 17, 2019

Wow, nice display.