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SDCC Preview: Sky Sled

Build by Kevin_MCX    Jul 20, 2019

SDCC Preview: Sky Sled
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SDCC Preview: Sky Sled
SDCC Preview: Sky Sled
SDCC Preview: Sky Sled
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jestermon Aug 13, 2019

I hope these sets come out


Acehalonerd1128 Jul 31, 2019

@legendarytoys ikr


Legendary_Toys Jul 30, 2019

Thundercats would be awesome but im sure the new cartoon is going to mess that us for us lol @ace


Acehalonerd1128 Jul 30, 2019

Since you have the rights to he-man any possible chance we can get a thundercats line?


Kevin_MCX Jul 30, 2019

@Battle7, the Battle Ram is on our ''will do someday'' list, but it is not in the immediate plans. That said, the clips on the Sky Sled are there for future use ;) @Legendary_Toys, I believe there are a few Battle Bones left from SDCC. Not sure what the plans for them are yet. I don't believe Mega will have a booth at NYCC this year.