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SDCC Preview: Sky Sled

Build by Kevin_MCX    Jul 20, 2019

SDCC Preview: Sky Sled
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SDCC Preview: Sky Sled
SDCC Preview: Sky Sled
SDCC Preview: Sky Sled
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vladik841 Nov 06, 2019

@Kevin_MCX, pls will this new Scareglow also glow in the dark? He looks "white" here... :|


Motu1134 Aug 30, 2019

@Kevin_MCX where can i get the little stand that is holding up the sky sled? Also in the past i saw a flying stand that was holding up stratos where can i get that one as well? Thanks


jestermon Aug 13, 2019

I hope these sets come out


Acehalonerd1128 Jul 31, 2019

@legendarytoys ikr


Legendary_Toys Jul 30, 2019

Thundercats would be awesome but im sure the new cartoon is going to mess that us for us lol @ace