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Image of: _SoLiS_

Secret practices

Build by _SoLiS_    Feb 02, 2018

Secret practices
Secret practices
Secret practices
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CmaCkk72 Feb 05, 2018

Loving this stop motion!


Boo101 Feb 04, 2018

He needs more practice, before he gets his head blown off! :-)


mrjustin412 Feb 02, 2018

Very smooth animation!


TisforTiger Feb 02, 2018

LOL! I think he could use some more practice. :)


_SoLiS_ Feb 02, 2018

It looks like the whole picture didn’t show but there’s actually a mini drawing of Cayde-6 and in the top right corner it says guardian specials then in the top left it says a favorite of Caude-6