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Image of: MichaelSlayder

Shadow Fight

Build by MichaelSlayder    Nov 30, 2019

Shadow Fight
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Shadow Fight
Shadow Fight
Shadow Fight
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Haloequalgod Feb 25, 2020

Oh My God That is amazing


81Ceta_Deta Nov 30, 2019

That is beautiful. I really adore this pic.


Cinimod64 Nov 30, 2019

*shadow noises* Truly amazing. Nice job man!


nigelninja11 Nov 30, 2019

I need to tell you something Mr. Slayder. You are, (with a nod to Greg and Demarcation), the greatest editor on the Gallery. Some people need to practice to stay good, you are just psychologically, physically, and genetically amazing at editing. My rant is now over, and I will say that this edit is fantastic!


SpartanGregor113 Nov 30, 2019

This looks awesome!