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Share your Universe

Build by omegabob    Feb 16, 2019

Share your Universe

JoeFilms Feb 18, 2019

Wow! That's a big collection!


omegabob Feb 17, 2019

Thank you all. @Murple I was lucky that WalMart, Target and TRU used to over order the first few waves of the Halo blind bags and I didn't have much competition search for the ultra rares. I really lucked out and was able to get several of the clear spartan and then used some fabric dye to convert them to the yellow and orange colors.


81Ceta_Deta Feb 16, 2019

Amazing Group!!


lawrencepittman357 Feb 16, 2019

Awesome Sauce, very nice!!!


Murple Feb 16, 2019

Where did you get al those gummy parts?