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Image of: nigelninja11

ShlubCustoms Contest

Build by nigelninja11    Aug 09, 2019

ShlubCustoms Contest
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ShlubCustoms Contest
ShlubCustoms Contest
ShlubCustoms Contest
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ShlubCustoms Aug 10, 2019

By the way, can you put #customNMPDcontest in the title somewhere? It will let me use the # as a keyword search when I want to look at all of the entries.


Muto112 Aug 09, 2019

This could be a perfect set!! even then this year is 10th anniversary of Halo 3 ODST too


JoeFilms Aug 09, 2019

Very cool idea!


WhoThCares Aug 09, 2019

@ShlubCustoms I hope you check my entry out as if it were a set it cost 20 dollars for a warthog and three figs based on the pricing of the warthog run set.


Simek4 Aug 09, 2019

Nigel, you pretty much tricked me with your description into thinking this was a real set! Haha!