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Shovel fight part 2 coming soon

Build by Karjack2    Nov 27, 2018

Shovel fight part 2 coming soon

basicusername Nov 28, 2018

@Karjack2 nah it’s good :), anyway your a spartan against two marines, obliviously you’ll win lol


81Ceta_Deta Nov 27, 2018

You. Lol, a spartah woukd destroy dem


JoeFilms Nov 27, 2018

I vote you, because I love your Spartan. Reminds me of me.


Karjack2 Nov 27, 2018

EDIT: it’s a 2v1 and I couldn’t find a 3rd shovel, so there is a pickaxe.(Also, no offense to Joe or basic if they lose, didn’t think I needed to mention that, but just in case)