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Shredder's true form

Build by HeadGrunt    Dec 03, 2018

Shredder's true form
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Shredder's true form
Shredder's true form
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HeadGrunt Dec 15, 2018

@jestermon This one was also glued and really hard to get off, I had to cut the connector off and pry it out with a screwdriver, and then superglue it back on.


jestermon Dec 12, 2018

I did it on the comic version it was super glued on messed up the face. How easy was it on this version to get off?


jonnyfiyve Dec 10, 2018

That is creepy :s


lincolnlegend07 Dec 05, 2018

snapchat attack


Megs-D16 Dec 03, 2018

Welp, that's odd.