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Silent Kill pt 2

Build by rnrr68    Dec 25, 2018

Silent Kill pt 2
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Silent Kill pt 2
Silent Kill pt 2
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rnrr68 Dec 25, 2018

i did upload 9 pics the first time and uploaded them again, maybe the blood splotches are a no no, i read the guidlines and some of these figures represent war and war is not friendly and clean. Thanks for checking it out everyone, i will try this again.


rnrr68 Dec 25, 2018 i gotta upload them all over again, sorry about this.


JoeFilms Dec 25, 2018

Wow, only two pictures.


81Ceta_Deta Dec 25, 2018

Hmm. Only 2 pics uploaded. You should add muzzle flashes to the guns when they fire


mrjustin412 Dec 25, 2018

Did some photos not go through?